Work Matters: More Punk, Less Hell
2051: Smart Life in the City

2051: Smart Life in the City, Demonstrator The Factory: Kunstkanal [art channel] workshops © MAK/Nathan Murrell

Parallel of the presentation of a shoe that is manufactured according to “fair” principles and at least in part using high-tech DIY processes, a team of experts will discuss tomorrow’s work from various perspectives.

Under the title “Work Matters: More Punk, Less Hell,” we will discuss the themes of work, social innovation, and social design in the exhibition 2051: Smart Life in the City. How will work change? What will products look like that are not (or only partially) industrially manufactured? How will their use and their value change, and how will production and work change against this background? What will spaces and institutions look like that are based on these principles? How will this change our world, and what does a positive vision for it look like? 

Approximately Is Good Enough: The Future of Work, DIY, and the Open Economy

Tina Egolf (Future of Work), Nicole Lieger (political scientist), Hubert Eichmann (FORBA), Harald Gruendl (EOOS/IDRV), with moderator Katrin Steglich (NANK Germany)


TUE, 22.09. / 18:00 – 21:002015