Johan Lorbeer: Still Life Performance – TARZAN/STANDBEIN
Performing Public Art

© Copyright S. Hartmann

The favourite genre of Johan Lorbeer’s work is super-slow performance. It is an artistic act, the working language of different types of visual art such as sculpture, installation and dramatic body gesture. At the centre of this creative effort are spatial-temporal gaps, interruptions, transitions and inversions. Through the fixation of his own body in a highly unusual place and condition in space and time, the artist is striving to express its fluidity in a physical way.

Lorbeer’s remains a real human being, he himself spending an hour and a half in tempo of the sculpture. He is not the sculpture itself, but rather its prototype. Thus half of the name of his performance—Tarzan/Standbein—refers to the classical pose of a model.

Location: Wien Mitte/Marxergasse


FRI, 12.06. / 12:302015