Amy Spiers, Catherine Ryan: Ordering the Public
Performing Public Art

© John Possemato

A group of hired security guards will patrol selected public areas in Vienna during the Performing Public Art Festival. At designated times, a single behavior will no longer be “acceptable” in a particular public space. These behaviors will be simple, innocuous things, such as speaking loudly, using a phone, walking in certain areas, sticking your hands in your pockets, sitting down, or wearing certain types of clothing. It will then be the guards’ job to approach members of the public and request that they desist from the behavior that is temporarily “inappropriate.” Ordering the Public is part of a series of works by Spiers and Ryan that explore and interfere with what is visible and permissible in public space.

Meeting point: AIL
: Mariahilfer Straße, Praterstern, and other busy places in Vienna


THU, 02.07. / 17:002015