2051 FORUM
2051: Smart life in the City

© Peter Kainz/MAK

Workshop from the “2051 Forum” series
The Milliardenstadt [Billions City] Team Presents:
Es gibt auch Leben

Symbiotic painting: communicating with one another through the language of colors

In this workshop, participants will paint a picture together and get to know one another in a completely new way on a visual level. We will take common rather than solitary paths, share the joy of painting, and learn from one another. Living together in cities often results in interpersonal voids. These voids will be gradually filled through a process of symbiotic painting between two or more participants—with lines, colors, dreams, wishes, feelings, personality, compassion ...

Location: 2051 Forum in the exhibition hall


TUE, 11.08. / 18:00 – 21:002015