2051 FORUM
2051: Smart Life in the City

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Workshop from the “2051 Forum” series
The Milliardenstadt [Billions City] Team Presents:
Repair and Service Center (R.U.S.Z)
A Good Life in a Capitalist Market Economy

The mandate and mission of the Repair and Service Center (R.U.S.Z) is to link social and environmental needs in order to create jobs for the formerly unemployed and train them to become highly skilled technicians. As a “byproduct,” these people will make important contributions to the reduction of waste and the conservation of resources.

The Repair and Service Center (R.U.S.Z) in brief:
- Explaining the problem of new electrical and electronic devices that are no longer designed to be long-lasting and easy to repair
- The problem of resources: What happens to broken devices?
- How can we better manage this problem in the future? By sharing, trading, repairing, etc.

Location: 2051 Forum in the exhibition hall
Organizer: Sepp Eisenriegler MAS, MBA


TUE, 04.08. / 19:00 – 03:532015