Function Follows Vision, Vision Follows Reality

Friedrich Kiesler with cat Sing-Sing on Metabolism Chart, New York, 1947, Photo: Ben Schnall © 2014 Austrian Frederick and Lillian Kiesler Private Foundation, Vienna

“Function follows vision, vision follows reality” was one of Frederick Kiesler’s (1890–1965) guiding principles. The architect and stage, exhibition, and furniture designer was interested in a form of design that unified both theory and practice. His ideas and designs combine artistic and social considerations, thereby creating situations in which art is able to be experienced in new and innovative ways.

The exhibition, in cooperation with the Austrian Friedrich and Lillian Kiesler Private Foundation in Vienna, places Kiesler’s interest in innovative forms and methods of presentation of art at the center of its conception. By utilizing the works of contemporary artists, the exhibition creates a setting in which the ideas of the visionary designer are taken up and translated into the present.

Building on Kiesler’s idea that “colors and forms are the easiest, cheapest, quickest way of transforming a space in accordance with a vision.” the exhibition responds with interventions that counteract the idea of a
neutrally designed exhibition space. Colors, forms, and materials come together in an insinuation that is intuitively reasoned while simultaneously providing a sensual experience of Kiesler’s main motives and design principles.

Leonor Antunes, Olga Balema, Céline Condorelli, Morton Feldman, Annette Kelm, Frederick Kiesler, Charlotte Moth, Francesco Pedraglio, Luca Trevisani, Nicole Wermers

Luca Lo Pinto, Vanessa Joan Müller


27.05. – 23.08.2015

Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz