“What if, in the future, shopping malls evolved into consumption-free zones?”
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What does the Shopping Center of the future look like? What is their additional benefit in times of online shopping? In Digital Modernity, the shopping center, next to the virtual world of e-commerce, counts as one of the so-called “third places” (after home and work) that, according to sociologist Ray Oldenburg, play an important role in community building. Nonetheless, the analogous shopping mall is only one of many marketplaces and social spaces representing a model no longer in tune with the times, due to its focus on maximum consumption. “The Mall” at the Wien Mitte railway station—a hybrid train station, office building, shopping and gastronomy center—is a laboratory for the project Shopping Spotting by designer Julia Landsiedl in context of the demonstrator The Shopping Mall for the exhibition 2051: Smart Life in the City. For malls to keep up with online competitors and enhance their value proposition, designer Julia Landsiedl envisions a commerce-free zone where consumers can hang out and meet others.
Speakers: Florian Richter (Centermanager WIENMITTE/Ekazent), Julia Landsiedl (Designer)
Moderation: Thomas Geisler (Curator, MAK Design Collection)

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TUE, 15.09. / 18:302015