Vienna Complaints Choir: Intervention LIV

© Oliver Hangl

Founded in early 2010 by Viennese performance and media artist Oliver Hangl, who leads the group in cooperation with choir specialist Stefan Foidl, the Wiener Beschwerdechor (WBC) is a medium whose musical citizen interventions are polyphonic, contemporary, and performative, and always context- and site-specific.

For the Vienna Biennale the WBC has developed a performance in several parts in which the 50-member choir will be positioned visually and acoustically along the Stubenring and at the Angewandte Innovation Laboratory (AIL): The intervention will proceed as a protest march along the Ringstrasse to the AIL as an orderly procession oscillating between parade, demonstration, and concert. Complaints can be submitted in the complaint boxes in the auditorium at the Angewandte and on the website.

Starts in the auditorium at the Angewandte.


MON, 15.06. / 19:002015