Social Design: Urban Change
International Symposium

Informal City/Sao Paolo, Photo © Angewandte

The ‘World Urbanization Prospects’ published by the United Nations in 2012 is expecting that in 2050 the world´s urban population will likely be of the same size as the world’s total population was in 2002. As a result, cities will increasingly be put under pressure due to densification and concentration of population, economy, capital and media as well as culture and knowledge.

The "Social Design : Urban Change" conference will discuss interdisciplinary strategic tools to address these urban challenges. It will focus on urban transformation in a rapidly urbanizing world. Aiming at connecting artistic research and theoretic
sciences with hands-on practice of spatial and cultural co-production, interweaving the discourse into the very fabric of society.


THU, 08.10.2015

Heiligenkreuzer Hof