NANK. Workshop with hand puppets
2051: Smart Life in the City. The Factory (Demonstrator #3)

NANK, Kollage, Planungsstation der New Factory © Felix Zabel/NANK

What’s so special about hand puppets that delights us simply by the way they look? When and how do they come to life? This workshop covers the basics of making a hand puppet for everyone who wants to discover the possibilities of this deceptively simple craft.

Limited capacity
Register by e-mail
Cost € 50
Note: Bring along warm and comfortable clothing  

Note: Bring along warm and comfortable clothing  

Workshop leader: Annika Lund
Creative lead: Thomas Schneider
Project team: Nora Dibowski, Stefanie Kerschbaumer, Felix Zabel, Heini Staudinger

Kindly supported by GEA Waldviertler Werkstätten, OTELO, Kunstkanal, NANK


FRI, 10.07. / 13:00 – 16:002015

The Factory