NANK. Sandal workshop
2051: Smart Life in the City. The Factory (Demonstrator #3)

NANK. Neue Arbeit – Neue Kultur: with designer and shoemaker Stefanie Kerschbaumer

This course covers simple styles of leather sandals. Participants will learn about and try out various techniques of leather-working and shoe construction. They will use their own designs to create simple patterns, cut out and sew the leather uppers, and attach them to the leather soles they have prepared themselves.

Participants should bring along the following
Their own design (or at least a general idea) for flat-bottomed sandals, buckles, shoelaces, eyelets, etc. as desired, (Basic materials will be provided. Please bring along any special items you wish to use.), scissors, hammer, smock

Course objective
To make a pair of flat-bottomed sandals according to the participant’s own design, which can ultimately be worn.

Limited capacity
Registration by e-mail
Cost € 260 per person
On 19 and 20 June, from 4 pm to 8pm

Creative director: Thomas Schneider
Project team: Nora Dibowski, Stefanie Kerschbaumer, Felix Zabel, Heini Staudinger

With generous support from
GEA Waldviertler Werkstätten, OTELO, Kunstkanal, NANK


19.06. – 20.06.2015

The Factory