Free admission to the MAK
for the finale of the VIENNA BIENNALE on 4 October 2015 and a call for donations to help the refugees

© buero bauer

On the last day of the VIENNA BIENNALE, the MAK will waive its entrance fees and instead-in the spirit of the theme of the VIENNA BIENNALE, "Ideas for Change"-asks visitors to make a donation to the Caritas Refugee Fund (Raiffeisen Bank International, IBAN: AT16 3100 0004 0405 0050, BIC: RZBAATWW, keyword: Flüchtlingsfonds); payment slips are available at each cash register.

In order to address this humanitarian catastrophe, the necessity of private donations cannot be overstated. We ask that you make a donation to signal your solidarity with the refugees and your opposition to xenophobia. Many thanks!


11.06. – 04.10.2015