Live Broadcast of the Creative Time Summit during the Venice Biennale

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Creative Time, a New York based nonprofit that has presented innovative public art projects since 1973. One of our signature programs is the Creative Time Summit, an annual conference dedicated to art and politics. Called “visionary” by the New York Times, the Summit brings together thought-provoking artists, activists, curators, scholars, and policymakers who operate at the intersection of these fields. Since 2011, a global network of over 150 organizations, universities, and cultural institutions have hosted screenings of the Summit everywhere from Melbourne to Kathmandu, expanding the audience beyond the 5,600 live attendees and 230 international presenters who have participated since 2009.
Over the course of three days in August 2015, the 7th Creative Time Summit, devoted to expanded notions of “curriculum,” will take place within Okwui Enwezor’s exhibition for la Biennale di Venezia, All the World’s Futures. Since 2009, the annual Creative Time Summit has operated as a convening, a discussion, and a platform for the intersection of art and politics. La Biennale offers a unique opportunity to gather an international, interdisciplinary community to consider how knowledge is produced and how it comes into contact with civil society. In its original Latin, curriculum signified a course, like the path that one ran around or traversed in a racing chariot. When the term began appearing in seventeenth century Scottish universities, it was used figuratively to mean “a course of study.” Eventually, it signaled that which prepares a person for working, thinking, and participating as a fully developed member of society. When understood as a network of lived experiences, learned actions, and known facts, curriculum speaks of all that this Summit hopes to address.


TUE, 11.08. / 11:00 – 18:002015