Crafted in Vienna: Vienna Makers.
departure, the creative unit of the Vienna Business Agency

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The ideas competition “Crafted in Vienna. Vienna Makers.“ focuses on craftsmanship in the urban context and opens up a conceptual field for experimentation for producers, manufacturers and creatives in Vienna. With the rising awareness of production processes and cycles comes an increased desire for co-creation and quality and a trend towards local production and consummation.
As a result of urbanisation, the city is being reclaimed as a manufacturing location. Creatives are seizing this opportunity using the tools of traditional trades: Old local shops, workshops, ateliers and factories become a production site for premium furniture, clothing, lifestyle objects and other consumer goods. The new makers are creating interdisciplinary partnerships in order to share infrastructures, to experiment with proven materials and innovative technologies and to save resources. Using unique sales concepts for products that are oftentimes made-to-measure, appreciation is given to the customers in their support for the rediscovered craftsmanship. The city becomes a vital location for production and networking. „Crafted in Vienna. Vienna Makers.“ invites everyone to develop creative ideas at the central points of the value chain beyond mainstream consumerism.

Your idea for „Crafted in Vienna.Vienna Makers.“
Submissions open from 18.6. – 15.9.2015


18.06. – 15.09.2015

Ideas competition