Book presentation Textures of Thought / Texturen des Denkens
Geta Brătescu, Ion Grigorescu, Dan Perjovschi, Gabriela Gantenbein

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Presentation in context of the exhibition Mapping Bucharest: Art, Memory, and Revolution 1916-2016
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This book examines select works by three Romanian artists from three generations who are among the most renowned artist-thinkers (Deleuze) in the world. Three art historians and three philosophers explore selected works from the artists’ extensive oeuvres and attempt to open them up with their respective approaches.

As diverse as Brătescu, Grigorescu, and Perjovschi may be in their thought and practice, and as different as their reactions to the cultural and political situation in Romania may be, the three artists nevertheless share the ability to open up new spaces of thought and thus to strike new artistic paths. Along with processing European cultural and literary history and information about contemporary artistic developments in the West—albeit barely available until 1989—it is primarily their own precise observations of everyday life that influence their works. What their individual ways of creative production also have in common is the high significance they place on writing: be it in the form of decades of diary entries or book publications and contributions to the most important intellectual journals of Romania. The artists visualize their reflections about transitions and obfuscations, of the visible and sayable, according to their individual concepts of art. Thus, they not only create new forms of art from mostly quotidian materials, but also present themselves as thinkers in the tradition of the subversive image.

Introduction: Gabriela Gantenbein



With contributions by Hélène Cixous, Peter Engelmann, Rainer Fuchs, Gabriela Gantenbein, Jean-Luc Nancy, and Kristine Stiles
Translations by Georg Bauer, Gaby Gehlen, Paul Maercker, Laurent Milesi, Claudia Simma, and Rachel Stella
2015. 224 pages. Numerous illustrations.
17,0 x 22,3 cm. Softcover. English/German.
ISBN 978-3-7092-0176-3
Publication date: September 2015
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