2051 FORUM
2051: Smart life in the City

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Es gibt auch Leben [There is also life]

How can one survive in the city despite great fears?

Sonjuschka is a Viennese painter who deals with comics and abstract figurative art. In addition to her profession as an artist, she is involved in a wide variety of projects in the fields of media, theater, character design for comics, and social activities, including the Wiener Krebshilfe, Pfoten mit Herz, and the Wiener Tierschutzhaus. She also designs covers for the English-language film magazine Universal. She organizes and curates exhibitions for and with other artists, with a particular focus on supporting artists at the beginning of their careers. Sonjuschka is the very official house and court painter and ambassador of paintbrushes and paint from the arts-and-crafts shop and social network “Es gibt auch Leben” [There is also life]. The “Es gibt auch Leben” family and Sonjuschka have pursued a common path together for some time now, as evidenced by their intensive, creative collaboration on various levels, including art festivals, workshops, and more.

Location: 2051 Forum

Creative lead: Sonjuschka Golovanova



TUE, 08.09. / 18:00 – 22:002015