2051 FORUM
2051: Smart Life in the City

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Workshop from the “2051 Forum” series
The Milliardenstadt Team Presents:

Gartenpolylog Association: Gardeners around the World Cooperate

Crop Diversity in Community Gardens

A visit to the Zwischen(t)raum and Arenbergpark community gardens

The Gartenpolylog association promotes integration among people through nature-related, loosely gardening-based activities in order to provide promotional, advisory, financial, and organizational support for various community gardening projects. We aim to demonstrate the potential of community gardens as places of diversity by visiting two such gardens and learning about the abundance of plant varieties.

Participants should bring along a lunch bag.

Register by 11 September 2015 at www.gartenpolylog.org/forms/anmeldung
Admission: € 5
Meeting point: S-Bahn station Rennweg, 1030 Vienna

Organizers: Yara Coca, team member of Gartenpolylog


FRI, 18.09. / 17:00 – 20:002015